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Redesign Your Fireplace and Hygge Your Home

hygge your home

Hygge Your Home and Get Comfy Cozy

Getting our comfy cozy on often happens at GOGO design group.  In fact, as I write this I am wrapped in my favorite sweater and infinity scarf with a mug of hot coffee by my side.  But this state of mind isn’t just about GOGO. It’s about inspiring and helping our clients get their comfy cozy on, too.

Get your Hygge on

One of the hottest design trends right now is Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) – the Scandinavian term for a feeling of coziness and comfort. The hygge approach invites you to relax and rejuvenate with hygge inspired furnishings and accessories from plush furniture, throws, pillows, mugs filled with a hot beverage and cozy warming features such as candles, infused oils and fireplaces.

Hygge and Fireplace Design

Photo credit: Jill Buckner Photography

The fireplace is the focal point of any Hygge home. It is where people gather, enjoy conversation and bond. It is also wonderful to spend alone time next to a blaze, either reading a book, meditating or sleeping. Today fireplaces are installed in many rooms of the house, including the dining room, bedroom and kitchen.

This is reminiscent of home design centuries ago when fireplaces, often called inglenooks, were the only heat source and everyday life revolved around the flames. Back then life was much simpler and gathering around the stove or chimney was daily practice during both work and family time. The simplest, multi-purpose interiors boasted the warm energy, design well-being and soul nourishing fireside glow that we still crave today.

Evanston townhouse before
“Before” image of the space


Photo courtesy Schmechtig Landscapes

No wonder fireplaces are an important feature in today’s home interior design, leading the path for us at GOGO design group to approach each client’s hearth as the opportunity to create the ultimate experience of warmth, coziness, connection and relaxation. Just like in the days of old, designed to serve both function and aesthetics, today fireplaces are multi-dimensional but with the luxury of cutting edge technology and finishes for both indoor and outdoor fireside living.

Cutting Edge Fireplace Technology

Photo Credit: Jill Buckner Photography

There are many variables to consider for your new or soon to-be remodeled fireplace. The first thing is to determine how you want to experience your fireplace, what kind (gas, electric or log) fits your lifestyle needs and your current space capacity. Next, there are amazing materials to consider, allowing you to reflect your personal design style. Just to name a few, options include stone, brick, porcelain, ceramic and reclaimed wood, all of which are offered in various shapes and sizes. There are also many mantel options if the design calls for one, such as salvaged wood and metal or a custom designed millwork.

GOGO Design Group fosters design well-being and bringing warm energy to our clients’ homes. This is just one way we can accomplish the benefits of living well. Let us know what your ideal fireplace design is by commenting below and remember, we are just a click and phone call away. (847) 337-0526


Create a space to nourish your soul.