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Create a World You Love with Stone and Tile

tile and stone interior design

Design Article VII, December 2015

Selecting Tile and Stone has Never been more Creative and Fun

tiled bathroom by GOGO design group
Photography by Jon Cancelino

My designer bag is overflowing with tools of the trade and I must admit one of my favorites is designing spaces with Stone and Tile. Selecting Stone and Tile for kitchens, baths, fireplaces and flooring throughout your home has never been more fun and creative, as the Industry today is constantly evolving and innovating. Whether it is marble, travertine, porcelain or glass, the opportunities for creating a world that truly reflects your heart’s and budget’s desire is at your fingertips.

So where to begin? First, you must determine your design style and the overall feeling you would like to achieve. Just about every response I hear from clients who are designing their master bathroom is a desire to create a space where they can experience peace and tranquility. I often hear the words Spa, Zen and Spaciousness. Typically, this request calls for neutral color material that spans from traditional to contemporary.

tiled bathroom by Rebecca Pogonitz and DonChris Designs
Loved creating this bathroom with DonChris Designs. Photography by Jaimee Rosko.

After determining your personal aesthetic, choosing natural stone versus porcelain or other options is the next step. Typically, more traditional bathrooms call for the richness of natural material such as marble and limestone in order to achieve a classic, old world aesthetic. Natural materials are always beautiful, but one must consider that Stone is a porous material and is susceptible to staining. Therefore, it must be maintained and sealed periodically. It’s true that sealants nowadays claim at least a 10-year warranty, but sealers don’t always prevent staining and moisture infiltration (beware make-up products, water rings, a tipped over glass of red wine next to the tub can all cause staining). In addition, some suppliers don’t recommend installing natural stone in an enclosed steam shower, as it just won’t stand up to the test of time as well as other man made materials. Some people aren’t bothered by these factors, and choose natural stone for a number of reasons, based on lifestyle and personality type. To get a feel for natural stone tile, I like to go to and and explore the gorgeous range of options for your home, or call me and we can discuss other fabulous suppliers I recommend.

Porcelain on the other hand, is a manmade material that is non porous and maintenance free. In addition to residential use, it is often used in restaurants and commercial settings because of its durability to withstand heavy traffic use. In addition, grout joints can be set very close together, creating a cleaner, more spacious look. And, from a practical and psychological perspective, even though grout is now offered with sealers to prevent staining and bacteria buildup, people like the idea of less grout to clean.

mosaic tile bathroom by Rebecca Pogonitz
Photography by Jon Cancelino

There are gorgeous porcelains that simulate stone, concrete, wood and even fabric for all design applications. If traditional is more your style, you can easily achieve your wish with porcelain looking marble and stone, and be worry free of maintenance and durability issues. Check out to see what the world of porcelain has to offer you. It’s amazing what you can create for yourself these days!

I would love to hear your thoughts. What are your desires when it comes to your fantasy bathroom and/or living space? If you are embarking on an interior design project, contact me at [email protected] or calling 847-679-2073 for a complimentary 15 minute consultation…let’s get acquainted!

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