Rebecca Pogonitz, GOGO design group, interior design chicago

I have been obsessed with true beauty practically since birth. The daughter of an art historian, constant family outings to museums and installations imbued me early on with an appreciation for color, form and function. Yearly trips to Colonial Williamsburg taught me the most important of lessons: good design is functional and timeless. As an adult, I began my career in the marketing department of a prominent Boston architectural/engineering firm before earning a BFA at Chicago’s International Academy of Design and Technology. Though I initially gravitated toward public relations and marketing, my intense passion for aesthetics and interior design would win out. I began my career as an interior designer with two interior design firms before starting my own in 2001. Since then, my work for clients has appeared in print, including Chicago Tribune Magazine and Color at Home, written by Meg and Steven Roberts. I prefer to collaborate with clients rather than impose my personal style on a project. The result is an eclectic body of work. My approach to creating a new space involves a transformational process, through which the design reflects the lifestyle, personality and soul of the people living there.

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