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Rebecca Pogonitz, GOGO design group, interior design chicago

Rebecca Pogonitz PhotographyI have been obsessed with true beauty practically since birth and this intense passion for aesthetics and interior design led me to earn a BFA at Chicago’s International Academy of Design and Technology. In 2001 I founded GOGO design group in the Chicago area. In addition to serving interior design clients across the nation, I am an avid writer on topics in the interior design industry, including publishing a monthly design video series called GOGO Living that educates consumers with how-to interior design project tips. I’ve also launched a video series called GOGO girl diaries that is more of a personal reflective outlet that revolves around design well-being.

In addition, I am a public speaker at consumer education events and business to business design/build events on topics including the how-tos for renovating or building a new home and implementing design well-being in your home.

Color At HomeMy work for clients has appeared in print, including Chicago Tribune Magazine and Color at Home, written by Meg and Steven Roberts.

I prefer to collaborate with clients to create their personal design well-being rather than impose my personal style on a project. The result is an eclectic body of work. My approach to creating a new space involves a transformational process, through which the design reflects the lifestyle, personality, and soul of the people living there.

See my interior design projects that are featured on HGTV.com and Houzz.com:

Experience the GOGO Scene

Design Well-Being

art institute of Chicago

Feel Alive at the Art Institute of Chicago

On GOGO girl diaries, my Youtube channel, I share thoughts about things related to my Interior Design business and how they intertwine with my personal life and make me the person I am. This is one of the videos.

Rebecca Pogonitz
think outside of the interior design box

Think Out-Of-The Box For Creating Interior Design Improvements

Recently a couple came to me and expressed the urge to make a change and increase the warm energy in their home.  I say increase because their home already feels incredibly warm.  As soon as you enter you are washed with warmth and positive energy.  All is orderly, each item and piece of furniture placed … Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
framing artwork

Custom Framing Photos and Art

Is your interior design project going to include framed art or photography? If so, you need to read this article by Houzz contributor Karen Egly-Thompson. Karen covers everything from mats and frames to glass and trends. I love the design examples she includes in the article below and am thrilled and honored that Karen has … Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz