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Rebecca Pogonitz, GOGO design group, Chicago Interior DesignersMy passion for seeing the beauty in life began as a little girl during frequent excursions to art museums and galleries with my art historian mother. Studying interiors in fine art taught me how the dance between shape, texture, color and composition evokes an emotional experience. This intense passion for aesthetics and interior living led me to earn a BFA at Chicago’s International Academy of Design and Technology. In 2001, I founded Chicago interior designers firm, GOGO design group to serve clients in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest. I am also an avid writer on topics in the interior design industry, including publishing a monthly design article/video series called GOGO Living that educates consumers with how-to interior design project tips. I am also a public speaker at consumer education events and business to business design/build events on topics including the how-tos for renovating or building a new home and implementing design well-being in your home.

I prefer to collaborate with my clients to create their personal design well-being rather than impose my personal style on a project. My approach to creating a new space includes a transformational process, through which the design reflects the lifestyle, personality, and soul of the people living there.

Color At Home, book by Meg & Steven RobertsMy work for clients has appeared in print, including Chicago Tribune Magazine and Color at Home, written by Meg and Steven and


Design Well-Being

purpose in life

When you Feel Stuck, Focus on your Purpose in Life

Recently, I was feeling stuck and I shared my thoughts on that moment and how we should focus on our purpose in life on my Youtube channel – GOGO girl diaries. On GOGO girl diaries, I share thoughts about things related to my Interior Design business and how they intertwine with my personal life and make me… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
designing your outdoor living space

Designing your outdoor living space wisely

Designing your outdoor living space is right at your fingertips and will not break the bank! As the summer months are fast approaching and the days are getting longer, it’s not hard to imagine spending more time outdoors.  GOGO design group is in the spirit of outdoor living space design… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Rebecca Pogonitz

Try On A Pair Of Red GOGO Boots

When I decided to rebrand last year, I searched for inspiration for my firm’s new identity.   I figured that if I focused my awareness towards visuals in my every day life like clothing, food, and the outdoors something might speak to me.  And while processing the message I wanted to… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz