Try On A Pair Of Red GOGO Boots

by Rebecca Pogonitz  - March 29, 2013

When I decided to rebrand last year, I searched for inspiration for my firm’s new identity.   I figured that if I focused my awareness towards visuals Interior design with a kickin my every day life like clothing, food, and the outdoors something might speak to me.  And while processing the message I wanted to convey with my new brand, I found myself mulling over childhood memories that infused me with energy and excitement.  And there it was — my treasured red patent leather raincoat.  This raincoat was “the bomb”.  It had wide lapels and a wide belt with a big buckle.  I was a shy and soft spoken child, but when I put on that coat, I felt powerful and courageous.  It was like I had put on my warrior princess armor.  It represented the fiery and bold girl I truly felt on the inside.

That wonderful raincoat inspired me to look outside-of-the box and create GOGO design group.  GOGO conveys energy, verve, and moving forward. And with that said, the red patent leather boot was the obvious choice for the core of our identity.   Just like the red raincoat gave my life a little kick when I put it on, the red boot represents interior design with a kick!  Trying on those red gogo boots after they arrived in the mail reinforced where my journey had taken me as a bold, confident, courageous and most of all transformed woman.

The next time you would like to reinvent or recreate a living space and need inspiration,  look to the world around you in the present and the past.  What objects around you speak to you and trigger memories and feelings of comfort and joy?   Was it an awesome pair of shoes that seemed too wild at the time to purchase?  Was it a turquoise cashmere pashmina that you considered buying for your friend, but were afraid the color was too bold?   Or those red gogo boots that seemed a little too sexy for a networking dinner you had scheduled that day.   Listen to your inner voice and see what happens next!

Think Out-Of-The Box For Creating Interior Design Improvements
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