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Find Inspiration and Treasures at Anna’s Mostly Mahogany

Anna's Mostly Mahogany

I am so excited  to share with you an inspirational shopping destination where you will most likely find several  treasures, surely at least one. Great interior design finds at Anna's

Anna’s Mostly Mahogany located in Highwood, IL offers all types of antique, vintage and modern  furniture and accessories for everyone’s style.  From a Lucite coffee table, to a Queen Anne dining room set, this must-visit antique mall provides everything you will need to give that personal and unique touch to your living space.  I’ve discovered chunks of sea coral, Tiffany and Baccarat decanters, as well as a vintage schoolhouse clock and red and white windmill blade for a little boy’s room.  The 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse building offers endless possibilities for furnishing and accessorizing your home.  And, to top it off, the staff is warm, friendly and extremely helpful.

So grab a coffee or tea when you have a spare couple of hours and take yourself  to Anna’s Mostly Mahogany, located at 531 Bank Street in Highwood.  Check out their website for more info at

Create a space to nourish your soul.