The Brilliance of Starbucks Interior Design Revealed

by Rebecca Pogonitz  - July 31, 2012

As I’m sitting waiting for my next meeting at Starbucks (where else do people meet anyway?), and enjoying my second cup of coffee for the day, I can’t help but take in my Starbucks interior designsurroundings.  Spending time at Starbucks is truly an experience.  It’s energizing, inspiring, relaxing, and calming all at the same time.  Even with a second cup of coffee I feel calm.  The sounds of the baristas as they steam milk and the background conversations of those around me fade away as I direct my attention to the colors and textures in my view.

The interior of  the Starbucks in the photograph is all about color and texture.  The floor is most likely a slate porcelain tile and the colors in it pick up the wood tones and retail items throughout.  The ceiling and walls are painted a rich taupe, with a hint of green.  At first glance I thought the paint was black, but the interior designer of this space expertly tweaked it and added more warmth and earth tone to the color.  This green color perfectly complements the rust/orange tones of the chairs, tables, and wood in the space.  That’s why it feels so warm.  If the paint color was actually black, the space would feel much colder.  I love the overhead soffit that houses the lighting.  The stark contrast between the dark and light defines the baristas work space and represents Starbucks signature sophisticated style.

Starbucks works so well.  It serves as the quintessential meeting place because of the way it is designed, from the colors and finishes to the paper cups and mugs we drink out of.  Throughout the years, it has served as the model for good interior design.  I’m sure that people will continue to meet and connect at Starbucks for years to come, including me!   The next time you are sitting in a Starbucks look around and take in the space you are passing through to get a quick cup of coffee or tea.  I guarantee that you will feel warm and positive and with your steaming cup in hand, you will feel good about the next task you will have to complete.  Thank you Starbucks!

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