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Modern Farmhouse Glam

In my house, we say, “Rebecca is always right.” Since the beginning of our project, Rebecca has shared with us many ideas that were new to us, some of which we had never considered before, and a few of which we had to stretch our comfort zone to try. In each case, when we went ahead with her idea, we were super happy, and when we didn’t go along with her idea, we ended up coming back to it and doing it later. She’s awesome and we really enjoy working with her! We have worked with her for about 9 months so far, during a remodel in which we doubled the size of our house. She came in when the walls were being framed in the fall. It’s been a massive project and she helped us choose tile, drawer pulls, the vanity in our master, the paint colors, the window treatments, lighting fixtures, the carpet etc. The professionals she recommends are awesome, too.

Create a space to nourish your soul.