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Breathe New Life into Room

Want to Breathe New Life into a Room? Here’s How…

I love this time of year. It feels like there is a lot of love and good will in the air. It also seems that life slows down a bit with more opportunities to snuggle in.

With that in mind, here is another GOGO Living Quick Tips video filmed at national furniture company CAI Designs, (showrooms in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Denver and Scottsdale), that will give you some ideas on how to breathe new life into your existing furnishings and get your cozy on.

I hope that this inspires you to do a little adding, subtracting and rearranging!

Let me know how it works out. I can’t wait to hear about it!

Rebecca Pogonitz is passionate about bringing new life into your existing spaces. Reach out to her at Rebecca@GOGOdesigngroup.com or 847-337-0526.

cozy bedroom design hgtv

Cozy Bedroom Design – GOGO’s Work Included in HGTV Article!

GOGO design group is honored to be selected among 28 photos and 18 designers in their latest article.

Selected by HGTV, WOW!

What perfect timing with Fall right around the corner, people’s fancies are turning to warmth and comfort. This applies especially to cozy interior design styles in the bedroom. Maybe it’s as simple as putting away the Summer bedding and opting for something a little more warm and fuzzy. Over at HGTV, they too, are pulling out the woolies and have published a great article titled 28 Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom.  Authors Keri Sanders and Farima Alavi of HGTV beautifully discuss the aspects of Interior Design that can make or break the feeling of a room. Tips about using dark hues, layering rugs and adding bedding and blankets in different textures are discussed among many others.

Below is a snippet of their article that features an image from one of my recent projects:

cozy bedroom furniture placement
Place Furniture Strategically: Where you place your furniture makes a huge difference. When creating a seating nook, place chairs facing each other. This arrangement brings a conversational and intimate feel to your bedroom even if you’re the only one utilizing the space.

Read the full article here and get tons of ideas on your cozy bedroom design, then drop me a line to finalize the look and pick out just the right pieces for your slumber sanctuary.


3 steps to transforming your home

Three Steps to Transforming Your Home

Design Article VIII, January 2016

Steps 1…2…3

Transform your HomeAh, Change. I am going to get straight to the point. Change is scary! But change is inevitable, due to life’s natural evolution that includes both milestones and curve balls. Working with a compassionate and skilled interior designer who can empathize with your state of mind eases the process. When I first meet my clients, they are about to, or are in the middle of embarking on a life change, including purchasing a new home or having a desire to transform their existing home without tearing apart their life. The transformational process can feel overwhelming, and I am asked just about every time “where do I begin?”and “what is the most economical way to feel great about my home?”

I break down my answer into three steps for rocking-out your transformation. They are as follows:

  1. The Power of Color

Painting the walls of your home in colors that affect your unique personality and coordinate with existing upholstery and other items will immediately transform and create a world that nourishes your soul. Living with color is a subjective and psychological experience. Each person’s needs are unique to the next. Some people need light and airy color in order to feel safe, secure and peaceful. Others prefer deep saturated color, or a combination of dark and light. Different colors evoke varied emotions, and when all is balanced, based on your emotional reactions and a consistent color scheme, the outcome is sublime.

Power of Color in Interior Design

  1. Nail your flooring down

Your flooring is another key variable in the initial home transformation. Your flooring unifies the entire home, as it creates easy flow and continuity among the rooms and spaces. Flow fosters peace, calm and tranquility, all key nutrients for a sense of wellbeing and positive energy. As an extension of the walls, your flooring is the backdrop for the entire home. If you have existing hardwood floors, then be sure to coordinate the stain with the color scheme of the walls, and install additional wood in areas where the flow is cut off, such as in small entry ways.

Flooring - Nail it

  1. Create intimate and warm vignettes

Pulling out existing furniture away from the walls, and arranging it into more intimate settings has a huge impact on your home’s transformation. Purchasing a new area rug that coordinates with the new color scheme and placing indirect light sources in strategic areas creates instant warmth. Decluttering and creating space in your home makes a big difference, but be sure to leave out a few select pieces with deep sentimental value, so as to add a meaningful and more personal touch to your space. Finally, hang art that speaks to you on your newly painted walls as soon as possible. Blank walls tend to feel unfinished and neglected.

intimate interior design

There you have it – the first three steps for transforming your home into an oasis for nourishing your soul and wellbeing. I would love to hear your thoughts. What are your desires when it comes to transforming your home? Leave me a comment here!

If you are embarking on an interior design project, contact me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation…let’s get acquainted!

This article is part of my Luxe For Less series of articles which is written as a means to educate you, the economically savvy and sophisticated homeowner!  These articles share how to get the best possible value for your money, while creating an environment that reflects your lifestyle and personal style.  I provide you with the basic information to guide you down the path to designing a living space that will make your heart sing for many years to come. Go ahead – transform your interior design!

Anna's Mostly Mahogany

Find Inspiration and Treasures at Anna’s Mostly Mahogany

I am so excited  to share with you an inspirational shopping destination where you will most likely find several  treasures, surely at least one.Great interior design finds at Anna's

Anna’s Mostly Mahogany located in Highwood, IL offers all types of antique, vintage and modern  furniture and accessories for everyone’s style.  From a Lucite coffee table, to a Queen Anne dining room set, this must-visit antique mall provides everything you will need to give that personal and unique touch to your living space.  I’ve discovered chunks of sea coral, Tiffany and Baccarat decanters, as well as a vintage schoolhouse clock and red and white windmill blade for a little boy’s room.  The 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse building offers endless possibilities for furnishing and accessorizing your home.  And, to top it off, the staff is warm, friendly and extremely helpful.

So grab a coffee or tea when you have a spare couple of hours and take yourself  to Anna’s Mostly Mahogany, located at 531 Bank Street in Highwood.  Check out their website for more info at www.annasmostlymahogany.com.