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get inspired by an interior designer

You Deserve to be Inspired by an Interior Designer

Let me begin with dispelling the myth that an Interior Designer is a luxury that many cannot afford. With our changing economy, having a top-notch, talented interior designer is a necessity in saving you valuable time and money. Not only for small projects but especially when you are making renovations or building a new home.

Interior Designer Cost Is Affordable

kitchen interior designHow? Your Interior Designer can guide you through the design process so that money is well spent and invested wisely for the long term, banishing the need to redecorate or remodel for many years. Interior Designers also can save you many hours of decision making and get the job done in an efficient way. With this help the entire process becomes a fun challenge as opposed to a painful one. Design is fun and exciting! It should never be a tedious experience. It’s similar to creating your own 3-dimensional piece of art that you can actually live in and enjoy!

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Does this post look familiar? We originally published it in July 2012, and it contains such an important message that I decided to republish it. Enjoy!

interior designer knows her why

This Interior Designer Knows Why

Writing down “Your Why” can be life changing. For GOGO design group, reflecting on “My WHY” has helped me as an interior designer in creating an interior design firm that delivers interior design well-being. Our talents support any size transformation, from a whole house renovation to repurposing an existing space, we create designs our clients call their sanctuary. We create environments that exude warmth, comfort, beauty and healthy interiors for your mind, body and soul.

At GOGO, we provide the vision, expertise, tools and resources to making the design a reality.

As a professional interior designer, my goal is to become your Design Island of Safety where your voice is heard. I start by listening to our story and learning about your lifestyle, as well as your likes and dislikes. I want to know what makes your heart sing. Through this process we learn more about you and your family’s style and then create a unique road map to a living space that is a reflection of your personality and life story.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with interior design well-being?

educate before you renovate or build new

Educate Before You Renovate or Build a New Home Chicago

It was such a pleasure to serve as part of a design/build expert panel, including Kipnis Architecture and Planning, Idlewood Electric Supply, Schmechtig Landscape Company and Berliant Builders at our event titled “Educate Before You Renovate Or Build a New Home”.

Our mission for the evening, here in Chicago, was to debunk the fear of getting started on a renovation or new construction project, as well as to educate, inspire and share the importance and advantages of a design build team approach. It certainly was a mission accomplished, as everyone enjoyed a warmhearted evening filled with humor and meaningful connecting. Be on the look out for another Educate Before You Renovate event near you in and around the greater Chicago area and beyond!

Contact Rebecca if you’d like to host an event focusing on the best way to build a new home and/or facility a successful home renovation project.

3 steps to transforming your home

Three Steps to Transforming Your Home

Design Article VIII, January 2016

Steps 1…2…3

Transform your HomeAh, Change. I am going to get straight to the point. Change is scary! But change is inevitable, due to life’s natural evolution that includes both milestones and curve balls. Working with a compassionate and skilled interior designer who can empathize with your state of mind eases the process. When I first meet my clients, they are about to, or are in the middle of embarking on a life change, including purchasing a new home or having a desire to transform their existing home without tearing apart their life. The transformational process can feel overwhelming, and I am asked just about every time “where do I begin?”and “what is the most economical way to feel great about my home?”

I break down my answer into three steps for rocking-out your transformation. They are as follows:

  1. The Power of Color

Painting the walls of your home in colors that affect your unique personality and coordinate with existing upholstery and other items will immediately transform and create a world that nourishes your soul. Living with color is a subjective and psychological experience. Each person’s needs are unique to the next. Some people need light and airy color in order to feel safe, secure and peaceful. Others prefer deep saturated color, or a combination of dark and light. Different colors evoke varied emotions, and when all is balanced, based on your emotional reactions and a consistent color scheme, the outcome is sublime.

Power of Color in Interior Design

  1. Nail your flooring down

Your flooring is another key variable in the initial home transformation. Your flooring unifies the entire home, as it creates easy flow and continuity among the rooms and spaces. Flow fosters peace, calm and tranquility, all key nutrients for a sense of wellbeing and positive energy. As an extension of the walls, your flooring is the backdrop for the entire home. If you have existing hardwood floors, then be sure to coordinate the stain with the color scheme of the walls, and install additional wood in areas where the flow is cut off, such as in small entry ways.

Flooring - Nail it

  1. Create intimate and warm vignettes

Pulling out existing furniture away from the walls, and arranging it into more intimate settings has a huge impact on your home’s transformation. Purchasing a new area rug that coordinates with the new color scheme and placing indirect light sources in strategic areas creates instant warmth. Decluttering and creating space in your home makes a big difference, but be sure to leave out a few select pieces with deep sentimental value, so as to add a meaningful and more personal touch to your space. Finally, hang art that speaks to you on your newly painted walls as soon as possible. Blank walls tend to feel unfinished and neglected.

intimate interior design

There you have it – the first three steps for transforming your home into an oasis for nourishing your soul and wellbeing. I would love to hear your thoughts. What are your desires when it comes to transforming your home? Leave me a comment here!

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This article is part of my Luxe For Less series of articles which is written as a means to educate you, the economically savvy and sophisticated homeowner!  These articles share how to get the best possible value for your money, while creating an environment that reflects your lifestyle and personal style.  I provide you with the basic information to guide you down the path to designing a living space that will make your heart sing for many years to come. Go ahead – transform your interior design!

tile and stone interior design

Create a World You Love with Stone and Tile

Design Article VII, December 2015

Selecting Tile and Stone has Never been more Creative and Fun

tiled bathroom by GOGO design group
Photography by Jon Cancelino

My designer bag is overflowing with tools of the trade and I must admit one of my favorites is designing spaces with Stone and Tile. Selecting Stone and Tile for kitchens, baths, fireplaces and flooring throughout your home has never been more fun and creative, as the Industry today is constantly evolving and innovating. Whether it is marble, travertine, porcelain or glass, the opportunities for creating a world that truly reflects your heart’s and budget’s desire is at your fingertips.

So where to begin? First, you must determine your design style and the overall feeling you would like to achieve. Just about every response I hear from clients who are designing their master bathroom is a desire to create a space where they can experience peace and tranquility. I often hear the words Spa, Zen and Spaciousness. Typically, this request calls for neutral color material that spans from traditional to contemporary.

tiled bathroom by Rebecca Pogonitz and DonChris Designs
Loved creating this bathroom with DonChris Designs. Photography by Jaimee Rosko.

After determining your personal aesthetic, choosing natural stone versus porcelain or other options is the next step. Typically, more traditional bathrooms call for the richness of natural material such as marble and limestone in order to achieve a classic, old world aesthetic. Natural materials are always beautiful, but one must consider that Stone is a porous material and is susceptible to staining. Therefore, it must be maintained and sealed periodically. It’s true that sealants nowadays claim at least a 10-year warranty, but sealers don’t always prevent staining and moisture infiltration (beware make-up products, water rings, a tipped over glass of red wine next to the tub can all cause staining). In addition, some suppliers don’t recommend installing natural stone in an enclosed steam shower, as it just won’t stand up to the test of time as well as other man made materials. Some people aren’t bothered by these factors, and choose natural stone for a number of reasons, based on lifestyle and personality type. To get a feel for natural stone tile, I like to go to www.tilegallery.net and www.artistictile.com and explore the gorgeous range of options for your home, or call me and we can discuss other fabulous suppliers I recommend.

Porcelain on the other hand, is a manmade material that is non porous and maintenance free. In addition to residential use, it is often used in restaurants and commercial settings because of its durability to withstand heavy traffic use. In addition, grout joints can be set very close together, creating a cleaner, more spacious look. And, from a practical and psychological perspective, even though grout is now offered with sealers to prevent staining and bacteria buildup, people like the idea of less grout to clean.

mosaic tile bathroom by Rebecca Pogonitz
Photography by Jon Cancelino

There are gorgeous porcelains that simulate stone, concrete, wood and even fabric for all design applications. If traditional is more your style, you can easily achieve your wish with porcelain looking marble and stone, and be worry free of maintenance and durability issues. Check out www.porcelonsa-usa.com to see what the world of porcelain has to offer you. It’s amazing what you can create for yourself these days!

I would love to hear your thoughts. What are your desires when it comes to your fantasy bathroom and/or living space? If you are embarking on an interior design project, contact me at Rebecca@GOGOdesigngroup.com or calling 847-679-2073 for a complimentary 15 minute consultation…let’s get acquainted!

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The above is an article in the series of interior design articles called Luxe For Less. This article was originally published on December 17, 2015. The Luxe For Less series of articles is written as a means to educate you, the economically savvy and sophisticated homeowner!  These articles share how to get the best possible value for your money, while creating an environment that reflects your lifestyle and personal style.  I provide you with the basic information to guide you down the path to designing a living space that will make your heart sing for many years to come. If you’d like to receive past and future articles please sign up here.