Luxe Red Awards, Readers' Choice

GOGO Participates in National Interior Design Industry Competition

GOGO design group’s mission is to infuse our projects with as much love, light and joy possible, always with a sense of design well-being. To help spread our mission, we seized the opportunity to present our work at the national level, and submitted two of our projects into the 2018… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Breathe New Life into Room

Want to Breathe New Life into a Room? Here’s How…

I love this time of year. It feels like there is a lot of love and good will in the air. It also seems that life slows down a bit with more opportunities to snuggle in. With that in mind, here is another GOGO Living Quick Tips video filmed at national… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz

Creativity Flows While Giving Back to the World

Charity Causes Close to my Heart One of GOGO’s missions is to bring joy to our clients’ lives through our interior design work.  Another mission is to share our creative talent to give back to the world around us.  We are blessed to be able to do this through several channels with… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Master bedroom by Rebecca Pogonitz

Get to Know GOGO design group via Voyage Chicago

GOGO design group is beyond thrilled to be featured in Voyage Chicago’s Inspiring Stories section!  It is such an honor to share our story in such a cool publication that is an inspiring must-read for living your best life in the Chicagoland area. Here is an excerpt from our story… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Vintage Modern Interior Design

California Dreaming in a Chicago Brownstone

Every day feels like an adventure at GOGO design group, as we continually greet new interior design project opportunities with a sense of curiosity and excitement. On any given day, we are exploring new neighborhoods throughout the Chicagoland area as we travel to meet potential clients and hear their story.… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Living Room

A Minnesota Lakehouse Transformed with Exotic Spice

GOGO design group was hired by a lovely couple from Lake Forest, Illinois to create their new lake home in Arden Hills, Minnesota. The house is perched on the banks of Lake Josephine, one of Minnesota’s many majestic Lakes. Their goal was to transform an older home into a soulful… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
GOGO design group, PHS Award Winner

YouTube Marketing Campaign Produces Two-Time Winning Results

First Place – Two Years Running GOGO design group is beyond thrilled to announce that we have again won a First Place Honor in the PowerHouse SMART® Stellar Sales & Marketing Success Story Awards!  This year we won First Place with our entry in the Results Driven Online Marketing Category with our DesignMuse Video Social Media Marketing… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
LED Lighting fixture

LED Lighting Quick Tip

The GOGO Girl is back at national furniture company CAI Designs, (showrooms in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Denver and Scottsdale), with a new GOGO Living Quick Tip – LED Lighting is a hot lighting design application that is here to stay. This LED focused GOGO Living Quick Tips video will definitely… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Seating Zones Rebecca Pogonitz

Get in the Zone – Seating Zones, that is!

The GOGO DesignMuse launches her new Video Series titled GOGO living Quick Tips! Another chapter in the GOGO design group book of life has begun, as we launch our new Video Series titled GOGO living Quick Tips with the national furniture company CAI Designs, with showrooms in Arlington Heights, Chicago,… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Rebecca Pogonitz, GOGO design group

The New Face of GOGO design group

Life moves forward at GOGO design group, embracing this refreshing notion fuels growth and evolution. Just as our interior design work supports and inspires our clients as their lives are elevated forward, we continue to hone our WHY. Bringing More Love and Light Simply put, our purpose is not only… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Rustic Contemporary Master Bath

Transforming a 1980s Master Bath into a Rustic Contemporary Spa Retreat

A Rustic Contemporary Spa Master Bath Vision GOGO design group recently shared an amazing experience with a Northbrook, Illinois client who dreamed of creating her own personal Spa Retreat. After sharing her inspiration photos featuring monochromatic, contemporary interiors punctuated by subtle rustic elements, we defined her Spa Bath Vision as… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Ideas with Nightlight Inc.

Landscape lighting can help to transform your outdoor living space to a usable, beautiful area. The top three purposes of landscape lighting are aesthetics, to highlight key landscape elements in your space, safety and security and task or convenience lighting, according to Dean MacMorris of Nightlight Inc. Learn all about… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
how to pick a sofa

How To Pick The Perfect Sofa

Have you ever had a piece of furniture delivered that was perfect in the store or showroom but a total disaster when it was placed in the room? Watch this video and discover everything you need to take into consideration before picking a new sofa. My original videos are a creative outlet… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
2017 Best of Houzz for Service award

Interior Designer Awarded Best of Houzz 2017

GOGO design group is thrilled to have received the Best of Houzz 2017 badge! The Houzz Community is THE place to go for design inspiration and the expertise to bring your dreams to life. It is such an honor to be recognized among the Best in the Design/Build Industry! Thank… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
transitional kitchen

Transitional Interior Design Home Make-Over

GOGO design group recently transformed a home for a wonderful couple who live in a Chicago North Shore suburb. During the first meeting, my client described the home as functional, but for many years there were many elements that she didn’t like, such as the black and gray color scheme… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Home is Where Your Heart is

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

We’ve done it! We’ve reinvented the old Luxe For Less interior design tip series into our new and improved GOGO Living series. This new series will provide more in-depth interior design information so you can improve your interior design well-being! We are kicking off the series with a Thanksgiving inspired message… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
GOGO Living

GOGO Living Wins First Place Award at PowerHouse SMART Event

On October 13, 2016, I accepted a First Place Prize at PowerHouse SMART’s industry Stellar Success Story Awards Ceremony for my GOGO Living video series, (formerly Luxe for Less). My video series was selected by the judges in the category, Results Driven Online Marketing Campaign.  What an honor to be singled out among… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
how to choose a rug

How To Choose A Rug To Fit Your Needs & Style

These GOGO Living Quick Tips will make your next area rug shopping trip much more productive and fun! Learn how to choose a rug that fits your needs, style and design well-being. Click to watch the video below to learn the secrets to purchasing the right area rug for your space. Happy… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
2 awards won by GOGO design group

GOGO design group Receives 2 Prestigious Awards

Living an authentic life, keeping it real and fostering human connection and a sense of design well-being is my MO. So it makes sense that a huge part of WHY at GOGO design group is to improve people’s lives by empowering them to discover what nourishes their soul and make… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Houzz 1K Saves

GOGO design girl Receives Houzz 1K Saves Badge

I am honored and thrilled to announce that the Houzz Community has saved images of my Interior Design work to Houzz Ideabooks 1,000 times or more. I currently have 18 projects on One of these projects has an image that was saved 2,325 times as of this writing. Wow!… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Today's Smart Kitchen & Home Event

Today’s SMART Kitchen and Home Learning Event, Chicago

Our last event, Secrets to Creating Your Complete Spa Life at Home provided some great information about transforming your home to suit your wellness needs. I hope you are ready to attend the next educational discussion on Wednesday, October 5th to learn all about the in’s and out’s of creating your… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
cozy bedroom design hgtv

Cozy Bedroom Design – GOGO’s Work Included in HGTV Article!

GOGO design group is honored to be selected among 28 photos and 18 designers in their latest article. Selected by HGTV, WOW! What perfect timing with Fall right around the corner, people’s fancies are turning to warmth and comfort. This applies especially to cozy interior design styles in the bedroom.… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
secrets to complete spa life at home

Chicago Event: Create Your Spa Life at Home

Announcing GOGO design group’s next live consumer event: Secrets to Creating Your Complete Spa Life at Home On Wednesday, August 3rd, Chicago Luxury Beds will host a life-transforming evening. A legendary panel of experts is speaking about creating spaces or entire rooms in your home that promote your health and wellness.… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
get inspired by an interior designer

You Deserve to be Inspired by an Interior Designer

Let me begin with dispelling the myth that an Interior Designer is a luxury that many cannot afford. With our changing economy, having a top-notch, talented interior designer is a necessity in saving you valuable time and money. Not only for small projects but especially when you are making renovations… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
interior designer knows her why

This Interior Designer Knows Why

Writing down “Your Why” can be life changing. For GOGO design group, reflecting on “My WHY” has helped me as an interior designer in creating an interior design firm that delivers interior design well-being. Our talents support any size transformation, from a whole house renovation to repurposing an existing space,… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Peach project on HGTV

GOGO design girl gets Peachy on

Interior design projects are quite common in the Springtime – after all, it’s the time of renewal and rebirth. Are you starting an interior design project? Have you considered the color peach? Keri Sanders of HGTV has focused on this bright and cheery color in the Color VS Color section of… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
educate before you renovate or build new

Educate Before You Renovate or Build a New Home Chicago

It was such a pleasure to serve as part of a design/build expert panel, including Kipnis Architecture and Planning, Idlewood Electric Supply, Schmechtig Landscape Company and Berliant Builders at our event titled “Educate Before You Renovate Or Build a New Home”. Our mission for the evening, here in Chicago, was… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
framing artwork

Custom Framing Photos and Art

Is your interior design project going to include framed art or photography? If so, you need to read this article by Houzz contributor Karen Egly-Thompson. Karen covers everything from mats and frames to glass and trends. I love the design examples she includes in the article below and am thrilled… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
3 steps to transforming your home

Three Steps to Transforming Your Home

Design Article VIII, January 2016 Steps 1…2…3 Ah, Change. I am going to get straight to the point. Change is scary! But change is inevitable, due to life’s natural evolution that includes both milestones and curve balls. Working with a compassionate and skilled interior designer who can empathize with your… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
art institute of Chicago

Feel Alive at the Art Institute of Chicago

On GOGO girl diaries, my Youtube channel, I share thoughts about things related to my Interior Design business and how they intertwine with my personal life and make me the person I am. This is one of the videos. Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
love it or list it

Experience the Magic of the Hit HGTV Show Love It Or List It

Love It Or List It The residential real estate market is often a topic of conversation. After all, as human beings our nesting instincts automatically kick in when considering planting roots and creating a long-term home for ourselves. We consider the variables surrounding where we want to live, based on… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
purpose in life

When you Feel Stuck, Focus on your Purpose in Life

Recently, I was feeling stuck and I shared my thoughts on that moment and how we should focus on our purpose in life on my Youtube channel – GOGO girl diaries. On GOGO girl diaries, I share thoughts about things related to my Interior Design business and how they intertwine with my personal life and make me… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
tile and stone interior design

Create a World You Love with Stone and Tile

Design Article VII, December 2015 Selecting Tile and Stone has Never been more Creative and Fun My designer bag is overflowing with tools of the trade and I must admit one of my favorites is designing spaces with Stone and Tile. Selecting Stone and Tile for kitchens, baths, fireplaces and… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
how the gogo girl handles conflict

How do you Handle Conflict?

Another installation of the GOGO girl diaries Youtube channel. On GOGO girl diaries, I share my thoughts about various aspects of my Interior Design business and how they intertwine within my life and make me the person I am. Subscribe to get them as they happen! Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
selecting art

Learn the Art of Selecting Art and Nourish your Soul

Design Your Home and Design Your Life The process of designing your home becomes the process of designing your life.  Each decision you make is inspired by your personal story, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences that bring you joy and peace of mind.  As the design experience unfolds, my clients learn… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
designing your life with the GOGO girl

Design your Life with Pure Heart and Soul

Here is one of the very first installations of the GOGO girl diaries Youtube channel. On GOGO girl diaries, I share my thoughts about various aspects of my Interior Design business and how they intertwine within my life and make me the person I am. I invite you to subscribe! Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
kitchen indoors or outdoors

Designing Kitchens Inside & Out

Interior Living – Your Indoor Kitchen The time has arrived for you to create the kitchen of your dreams.  This is exciting news!   When you reach out to an interior designer asking how to begin such an endeavor, your journey actually begins.  When a client contacts me, the dialogue between… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
designing your outdoor living space

Designing your outdoor living space wisely

Designing your outdoor living space is right at your fingertips and will not break the bank! As the summer months are fast approaching and the days are getting longer, it’s not hard to imagine spending more time outdoors.  GOGO design group is in the spirit of outdoor living space design… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
CAI Designs chair contest entry

CAI Design’s Chair Contest Entered

A good challenge always keeps us on top of our game and Gogo Design Group had the privilege to take on another one recently as part of the Palecek & Kravet Inspiration Chair Contest.    We were one of six design firms nominated by CAI Designs to compete. The Challenge:  create… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
think outside of the interior design box

Think Out-Of-The Box For Creating Interior Design Improvements

Recently a couple came to me and expressed the urge to make a change and increase the warm energy in their home.  I say increase because their home already feels incredibly warm.  As soon as you enter you are washed with warmth and positive energy.  All is orderly, each item… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Rebecca Pogonitz

Try On A Pair Of Red GOGO Boots

When I decided to rebrand last year, I searched for inspiration for my firm’s new identity.   I figured that if I focused my awareness towards visuals in my every day life like clothing, food, and the outdoors something might speak to me.  And while processing the message I wanted to… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Anna's Mostly Mahogany

Find Inspiration and Treasures at Anna’s Mostly Mahogany

I am so excited  to share with you an inspirational shopping destination where you will most likely find several  treasures, surely at least one. Anna’s Mostly Mahogany located in Highwood, IL offers all types of antique, vintage and modern  furniture and accessories for everyone’s style.  From a Lucite coffee table,… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Bold accent lighting

Make a Bold Statement with Indirect Accent Lighting

I love indirect accent lighting like the piece I found at Touch Of Modern, which is a limited membership site that I belong to.  You can have a blast playing with the mood of your space and make a bold statement about your personal style at the same time.  These… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz
Starbucks interior design

The Brilliance of Starbucks Interior Design Revealed

As I’m sitting waiting for my next meeting at Starbucks (where else do people meet anyway?), and enjoying my second cup of coffee for the day, I can’t help but take in my surroundings.  Spending time at Starbucks is truly an experience.  It’s energizing, inspiring, relaxing, and calming all at the… Read more

Rebecca Pogonitz