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Breathe New Life into Room

Want to Breathe New Life into a Room? Here’s How…

I love this time of year. It feels like there is a lot of love and good will in the air. It also seems that life slows down a bit with more opportunities to snuggle in.

With that in mind, here is another GOGO Living Quick Tips video filmed at national furniture company CAI Designs, (showrooms in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Denver and Scottsdale), that will give you some ideas on how to breathe new life into your existing furnishings and get your cozy on.

I hope that this inspires you to do a little adding, subtracting and rearranging!

Let me know how it works out. I can’t wait to hear about it!

Rebecca Pogonitz is passionate about bringing new life into your existing spaces. Reach out to her at or 847-337-0526.

Rebecca Pogonitz, GOGO design group

The New Face of GOGO design group

interior design chicago Rebecca Pogonitz

Life moves forward at GOGO design group, embracing this refreshing notion fuels growth and evolution. Just as our interior design work supports and inspires our clients as their lives are elevated forward, we continue to hone our WHY.

Bringing More Love and Light

Simply put, our purpose is not only to offer the best interior design services to the Greater Chicago area, but to bring more Love and Light into our clients’ lives and to create a magical experience working together.

Kindness, joy, compassion and positive energy rule here.

This is the new face of GOGO.

Visit us on YouTube for some Interior Design Well-Being for your Mind, Body and Soul or simply reach out for some personalized Design Well-Being Inspiration and let’s move our lives forward together!

get inspired by an interior designer

You Deserve to be Inspired by an Interior Designer

Let me begin with dispelling the myth that an Interior Designer is a luxury that many cannot afford. With our changing economy, having a top-notch, talented interior designer is a necessity in saving you valuable time and money. Not only for small projects but especially when you are making renovations or building a new home.

Interior Designer Cost Is Affordable

kitchen interior designHow? Your Interior Designer can guide you through the design process so that money is well spent and invested wisely for the long term, banishing the need to redecorate or remodel for many years. Interior Designers also can save you many hours of decision making and get the job done in an efficient way. With this help the entire process becomes a fun challenge as opposed to a painful one. Design is fun and exciting! It should never be a tedious experience. It’s similar to creating your own 3-dimensional piece of art that you can actually live in and enjoy!

Curious how you can use GOGO on your remodeling or new construction project? Drop me a message now!

Does this post look familiar? We originally published it in July 2012, and it contains such an important message that I decided to republish it. Enjoy!

interior designer knows her why

This Interior Designer Knows Why

Writing down “Your Why” can be life changing. For GOGO design group, reflecting on “My WHY” has helped me as an interior designer in creating an interior design firm that delivers interior design well-being. Our talents support any size transformation, from a whole house renovation to repurposing an existing space, we create designs our clients call their sanctuary. We create environments that exude warmth, comfort, beauty and healthy interiors for your mind, body and soul.

At GOGO, we provide the vision, expertise, tools and resources to making the design a reality.

As a professional interior designer, my goal is to become your Design Island of Safety where your voice is heard. I start by listening to our story and learning about your lifestyle, as well as your likes and dislikes. I want to know what makes your heart sing. Through this process we learn more about you and your family’s style and then create a unique road map to a living space that is a reflection of your personality and life story.

Are you ready to embark on a journey with interior design well-being?

think outside of the interior design box

Think Out-Of-The Box For Creating Interior Design Improvements

Recently a couple came to me and expressed the urge to make a change and increase the warm energy in their home.  I say increase because their home already feels incredibly warm.  As soon as you enter you are washed with warmth and positive energy.  All is orderly, each item and piece of furniture placed thoughtfully throughout and reflective of their lifestyle and personal aesthetic.  The color palette does exactly as it should – envelop you with comfort.  One of the owners is an artist in his spare time and his engaging work is displayed in certain areas.   His other half is a professional organizer so the accessories she has carefully chosen and placed don’t create clutter, they tell the story of her family’s life.  I love the kitchen, too.   The design of the kitchen is a result of its daily use.   Steel shelving,  a butcher block island and a large chalkboard with colorfully written daily thoughts and to-do lists join forces that are so pleasing to the eye you want to pull up a stool and hang out in there.

Staircase detailSo, on a tight budget, and not wanting to paint the entire house where could they make a change?  The solution was a frequently ignored area in everyone’s home – the stairwell.  How many times a day does a family run or walk up and down the stairs?  Here was the spot to infuse a burst of energy and light into their home.   I noticed some great photography on the walls walking up the stairs and an opportune built- in shelf on the landing wall where some lovely framed photos and knick-knacks perched, and immediately felt something sacred about this space.  The home’s color palette was muted and relatively neutral.  The landing was the perfect spot to be bold and create movement in a relatively static space.  When we painted the wall lime green, and washed the once white walls with a warm neutral, the space immediately came alive and a once ignored spot in the house became an equally experienced happy place.

The next time you feel like you need a change but don’t know why or how, think out-of-the box and look to areas in your home that you don’t usually give a second thought to.  You never know the magic you can create!

updated staircase

Rebecca Pogonitz

Try On A Pair Of Red GOGO Boots

When I decided to rebrand last year, I searched for inspiration for my firm’s new identity.   I figured that if I focused my awareness towards visuals Interior design with a kickin my every day life like clothing, food, and the outdoors something might speak to me.  And while processing the message I wanted to convey with my new brand, I found myself mulling over childhood memories that infused me with energy and excitement.  And there it was — my treasured red patent leather raincoat.  This raincoat was “the bomb”.  It had wide lapels and a wide belt with a big buckle.  I was a shy and soft spoken child, but when I put on that coat, I felt powerful and courageous.  It was like I had put on my warrior princess armor.  It represented the fiery and bold girl I truly felt on the inside.

That wonderful raincoat inspired me to look outside-of-the box and create GOGO design group.  GOGO conveys energy, verve, and moving forward. And with that said, the red patent leather boot was the obvious choice for the core of our identity.   Just like the red raincoat gave my life a little kick when I put it on, the red boot represents interior design with a kick!  Trying on those red gogo boots after they arrived in the mail reinforced where my journey had taken me as a bold, confident, courageous and most of all transformed woman.

The next time you would like to reinvent or recreate a living space and need inspiration,  look to the world around you in the present and the past.  What objects around you speak to you and trigger memories and feelings of comfort and joy?   Was it an awesome pair of shoes that seemed too wild at the time to purchase?  Was it a turquoise cashmere pashmina that you considered buying for your friend, but were afraid the color was too bold?   Or those red gogo boots that seemed a little too sexy for a networking dinner you had scheduled that day.   Listen to your inner voice and see what happens next!

Anna's Mostly Mahogany

Find Inspiration and Treasures at Anna’s Mostly Mahogany

I am so excited  to share with you an inspirational shopping destination where you will most likely find several  treasures, surely at least one.Great interior design finds at Anna's

Anna’s Mostly Mahogany located in Highwood, IL offers all types of antique, vintage and modern  furniture and accessories for everyone’s style.  From a Lucite coffee table, to a Queen Anne dining room set, this must-visit antique mall provides everything you will need to give that personal and unique touch to your living space.  I’ve discovered chunks of sea coral, Tiffany and Baccarat decanters, as well as a vintage schoolhouse clock and red and white windmill blade for a little boy’s room.  The 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse building offers endless possibilities for furnishing and accessorizing your home.  And, to top it off, the staff is warm, friendly and extremely helpful.

So grab a coffee or tea when you have a spare couple of hours and take yourself  to Anna’s Mostly Mahogany, located at 531 Bank Street in Highwood.  Check out their website for more info at

Bold accent lighting

Make a Bold Statement with Indirect Accent Lighting

Indirect Lighting, Xiral-Segard lamp
Lampe Gayalux Lamp by Xiral Segard

I love indirect accent lighting like the piece I found at Touch Of Modern, which is a limited membership site that I belong to.  You can have a blast playing with the mood of your space and make a bold statement about your personal style at the same time.  These are just fabulous!

For another interior design idea, go to IKEA and pick up a glass electric globe for just $9.99. I’ve got a couple of these and enjoy them every time I turn them on and watch them glow!

Ikea Globes for indirect lighting
Ikea Globe
Starbucks interior design

The Brilliance of Starbucks Interior Design Revealed

As I’m sitting waiting for my next meeting at Starbucks (where else do people meet anyway?), and enjoying my second cup of coffee for the day, I can’t help but take in my Starbucks interior designsurroundings.  Spending time at Starbucks is truly an experience.  It’s energizing, inspiring, relaxing, and calming all at the same time.  Even with a second cup of coffee I feel calm.  The sounds of the baristas as they steam milk and the background conversations of those around me fade away as I direct my attention to the colors and textures in my view.

The interior of  the Starbucks in the photograph is all about color and texture.  The floor is most likely a slate porcelain tile and the colors in it pick up the wood tones and retail items throughout.  The ceiling and walls are painted a rich taupe, with a hint of green.  At first glance I thought the paint was black, but the interior designer of this space expertly tweaked it and added more warmth and earth tone to the color.  This green color perfectly complements the rust/orange tones of the chairs, tables, and wood in the space.  That’s why it feels so warm.  If the paint color was actually black, the space would feel much colder.  I love the overhead soffit that houses the lighting.  The stark contrast between the dark and light defines the baristas work space and represents Starbucks signature sophisticated style.

Starbucks works so well.  It serves as the quintessential meeting place because of the way it is designed, from the colors and finishes to the paper cups and mugs we drink out of.  Throughout the years, it has served as the model for good interior design.  I’m sure that people will continue to meet and connect at Starbucks for years to come, including me!   The next time you are sitting in a Starbucks look around and take in the space you are passing through to get a quick cup of coffee or tea.  I guarantee that you will feel warm and positive and with your steaming cup in hand, you will feel good about the next task you will have to complete.  Thank you Starbucks!

Want to arrange to meet me at Starbucks to discuss your interior design options?